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Indian restaurant chain Wow! Momo oversees a rapidly growing network of quick service eateries specializing in momo, a stuffed dumpling traditionally popular in Nepal, Tibet, and the Himalaya regions of India. Founded in 2008, Wow! Momo operates more than 20 restaurants across India. The restaurant company maintains extensive operations in Kolkata, where Wow! Momo ranks as the first branded momo chain in the city and serves roughly 8,000 momos each day. Wow! Momo also enjoys a presence in other major Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, and Pune.

The success of the Wow! Momo brand comes from a commitment to quality and variety. Wow! Momo employees prepare and serve food in organized restaurants held to higher standards of cleanliness than the roadside stalls that traditionally sell momos. The restaurant chain also attracts customers by offering a diverse menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian momo varieties. Short wait times and prices starting around Rs. 40 encourage patronization of Wow! Momo, as well. Wow! Momo restaurants predominantly inhabit versatile kiosks conveniently located in urban shopping malls.

With plans to become the largest chain of momo restaurants in the country, Wow! Momo conducts frequent hiring to fill regularly available positions ideal for job seekers of all career levels. The quick service restaurant chain hires entry-level candidates to perform customer service duties and experienced workers to serve as managers. Opportunities for employment with an emerging restaurant brand exist in abundance as Wow! Momo continues to expand across India. Wow! Momo jobs consistently feature attractive pay rates and competitive employee benefits, including the possibility for career advancement.

Wow! Momo Job Titles and Salary Information
Entry-level customer service and food preparation jobs represent the most commonly available positions for hire at Wow! Momo restaurants. Job seekers pursuing careers in management also frequently encounter suitable employment opportunities with the quick service restaurant chain. Hiring requirements for Wow! Momo jobs usually depend on the specific franchise owner. The following job titles stand readily available at Wow! Momo outlets nationwide:

Team Member – Wow! Momo team member jobs prove ideal for entry-level candidates with limited previous work experience. Job seekers applying for team member positions need only a friendly disposition and a well-developed sense of honesty. Team members perform a variety of job duties integral to the success of Wow! Momo restaurants. Basic responsibilities include processing customer orders and collecting payments, preparing momos and other menu items, and cleaning work areas. Team member associates regularly work with standard kitchen equipment like steamers and fryers. The entry-level job features monthly pay scales typically reaching up to Rs. 6,000.

Management – Managers at Wow! Momo work to ensure the overall commercial success of the restaurant. Employees in management positions assume responsibility for monitoring and increasing sales, maintaining proper levels of stock, supervising and motivating associates during work shifts, and handling customer issues. Managerial workers also hire and train new employees, schedule associates for work, and assign daily jobs to entry-level team members. Previous restaurant management experience typically serves as the primary hiring requirement prospective managers must meet to qualify for employment. Depending on the location, Wow! Momo may also require managerial job seekers to comply with certain academic standards. Applicants with the ability to work a flexible, full-time schedule based on the business needs of the restaurant often receive increased hiring consideration. Salary options for Wow! Momo managers generally hover between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 a month.

Benefits of Working at Wow! Momo
Workers of all career levels gain access to several job benefits at Wow! Momo restaurants. The Indian restaurant chain offers competitive pay, safe and hygienic work environments, and company uniforms to entry-level associates and experienced managers alike. Qualified employees also take advantage of the career advancement opportunities that arise as the Wow! Momo brand continues to enjoy success and expand throughout India. The availability of additional job rewards, including health and financial benefits, often varies by franchise location. Job seekers should contact a local Wow! Momo restaurant directly for specific information on available employment benefits and to start the hiring process today.

Classmates and business partners Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai established Wow! Momo in 2008 with Rs. 30,000 and two employees. The first Wow! Momo restaurant opened in Kolkata and lured customers by distributing free momo samples. By 2010, Wow! Momo operated 10 restaurants across Kolkata and began to enter new markets in India, starting with Bangalore. The quick service restaurant chain also opened locations in Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Kochi over the next few years. Wow! Momo continues to expand and oversees a growing network of more than 20 restaurants located primarily in major urban areas throughout India.

The Wow! Momo menu prominently features several varieties of traditional Tibetan dumplings called momos. In addition to classic chicken and vegetable selections, Wow! Momo offers momos filled with innovative ingredients like capsicum, paneer, pomfrets, and prawns. Customers may choose to have the momos steamed, fried, or pan-fried. Each order comes with both red chili dip and green coriander dip. While momos dominate the Wow! Momo menu as expected, the restaurant chain also serves Thukpas, a mild soup containing noodles, vegetables, and meat by request.

Wow! Momo operates under the ownership of Yo Foods India. The restaurant chain uses the franchise model of business and boasts an annual turnover of roughly Rs. 2.5 crore. Head offices for Wow! Momo remain headquartered in the Jadavpur neighborhood of Kolkata.

Minimum age to work at Wow! Momo: 18

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