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Building on the successes of Subway restaurants in the United States, parent company Doctor’s Associates Inc. began expanding the brand internationally in 1984. In 2001, Subway debuted in Indian markets in the City of New Delhi. Appealing to vegetarian tastes prevalent throughout the country, Subway India received favorable initial response. As popularity of the chain began to grow, Subway continued to open new restaurants in various markets nationwide. By October 2013, Subway India accounted for more than 400 locations of the enormous network of over 40,000 Subway restaurants worldwide.

As an international favorite, Subway gained instant traction in India, where vegetarian diets serve as the predominant taste of the general population. The Indian offshoot of the international franchise further caters to Indian dietary preferences with menus featuring food items reflecting traditional Indian cuisines. The already sizeable and growing network of Subway restaurants provides widespread accessibility of the brand to patrons living in major cities across the country. Most Subway India restaurants sit along busy thoroughfares and just off major highways. Some locations operate inside of airports, shopping malls, and other busy shopping centres. Social media helps drive the brand name, as well.

Subway India jobs feature part-time and full-time schedule availabilities. Workers with interest in Subway positions should fill out an online application form now. Employment opportunities include customer service, food prep, and managerial job titles. Applicants in search of customer service and food prep jobs typically need no real experience for employment consideration. Aspiring managers generally need at least some previous experience in the fast food industry or in a position of management prior to hiring. Additional employment requirements vary by job title.

Subway India Positions and Salary Information
The minimum age for employment consideration at Subway restaurants in India begins at 14. Some locations may impose more stringent requirements, such as established age ranges for employment consideration. The most common jobs available at Subway India restaurants include entry-level, part-time positions featuring flexible work schedules and competitive base pay. Specific job titles for hire include:

Sandwich Artist – Job duties for Subway sandwich artists include preparing menu items to order, operating cash registers, replenishing food trays, baking breads, and answering questions about policies, promotions, and services. Subway India needs to hire individuals able to work in fast-paced restaurant settings and carry out busywork as needed. Friendly, personable workers often receive hiring consideration over other applicants. Subway India also prefers applicants to possess basic math skills. Upon hire, Subway sandwich artists receive between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 5,000 per month.

Management – Opportunities available in Subway management include shift manager and store manager job titles. Workers must typically hold previous experience for employment consideration and stand at or above the age of 18. Subway India managers should demonstrate strong, personable attitudes and effective delegation skills during the hiring process. Other desirable characteristics of managerial candidates include excellent motivational and organizational skills. Primary responsibilities range from hiring and training new employees to setting work schedules and ensuring food quality and customer satisfaction. Subway India pay scales fall between Rs. 6,500 and Rs. 7,500 per month for shift managers and up to Rs. 10,000 in monthly salary for store managers.

Benefits of Working at Subway India
Subway restaurants typically restrict job benefits availability to workers in full-time positions. Employment benefits generally vary depending on franchise location. Eligible associates gain access to healthcare options, paid time off, and financial planning assistance. Subway restaurants in India provide generous discounts on food and drink, as well as complimentary uniforms to entry-level workers and career-focused professionals alike.

Officially founded in Bridgeport, CT, USA, in 1965, Subway stands as the largest fast food chain in the world. Within a decade of operations, Subway restaurants grew to include over one dozen locations. Subway increased domestic expansion in the late-1970s and eventually expanded overseas in the 1980s. The first international Subway location opened in Beirut in 1984. Finding success overseas, Subway pushed international expansion. In 2001, Subway India opened in New Delhi. Subway continues to open new locations in India and manages approximately 400 store fronts nationwide.

Subway India patrons enjoy the same fresh menu options as other U.S. domestic and international locations, with slight variations. Customers may choose from classic Subway menu options like Chicken Meatball Marinara or Tuna sub sandwiches made-to-order with real ingredients in the famous sandwich assembly lines. Variations to classic menu items, such as the substitution of lamb for pork or beef in menu items like Italian BMT or Spicy Italian sandwiches, reflect cultural tastes. Other popular menu items include aloo patty subs, which feature all-veggie potato patties. Customers may dine-in or carry out at Subway India locations.

A majority of Subway restaurants fall under parental control of Doctor’s Associates Inc. Founded by Subway creators Fred Deluca and Peter Buck, Doctor’s Associates Inc. operates as a private company. Doctor’s Associates Inc. also oversees franchising both domestically and internationally. Annual revenues for the international restaurant chain reach in excess of $4 billion. Subway maintains corporate offices in Milford, CT, USA.

Minimum age to work at Subway India: 14

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