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Spices & Sauces operates as a popular chain of Indian restaurants, with locations centred mostly in the Thane and Hyderabad regions. Cuisine offered mostly reflects local traditions; however, each restaurant offers multiethnic foods, including Thai and Chinese, coastal, Awadhi, and other Oriental dishes, in addition to area favorites. Outlets offer fine-dining experiences characterized by elaborate and ornate decor and punctuated with first-class service.

The popular chain holds several plans for both domestic and international expansion in the near future. As of January 2016, the restaurant belonged to a conglomerate comprised of roughly 35 properties worldwide. Inclusion in major hospitality suites continues to drive patronage and provide easy access for would-be diners. The centralized locales of outlets also offers easy access to available jobs, which should expand as the chain grows. Spices & Sauces employs around 2,700 entry-level workers and career professionals across operations.

Individuals looking for work with the international restaurant generally find the most luck applying for entry-level front-of-house positions. Applicants must stand at least 14 years of age to work for the restaurant chain; however, some job titles involving food preparation or the use of potentially hazardous kitchen equipment may bar labourers falling under 18 from consideration. Workers in search of supervisory or managerial roles must also matriculate through senior secondary school. The ability to multitask and maintain courteous, upbeat, and customer-oriented attitudes remains vital for employment. Cooking skills and general cleanliness factor into hiring considerations for various positions, as well.

Spices & Sauces Jobs and Salary Information
Restaurant industry employees should remain friendly, flexible in schedule, and able to adapt to fast-paced, often hectic expectations. Workers vying for Spices & Sauces jobs need to indicate open availability and willingness to maintain pace in order to receive full review for employment. Most associates start out in entry-level service jobs like server, host, hostess, or busser. Graduation into cook or managerial careers happens over time and through demonstration of desired qualities like leadership, consistency, and dedication.

Server – Spices & Sauces servers make around ₹180,000 a year, on average. Individuals looking for serving positions must enjoy moving on foot for extended periods of time, talking with the general public, and catering to demands as requested. Potential associates must also possess the ability to work varied schedules, including nights and weekends. The restaurant chain hires personable, attentive, and motivated individuals to work as servers. Reliable transportation to and from work also proves necessary for employment.

Management – The major restaurant outlet needs to hire supervisors and managers to set schedules, order supplies, and oversee subordinate workers. Shift supervisors often work part-time and make around ₹10 to ₹12 per hour. Assistant and general managers make salary options in excess of ₹360,000 annually. Primary differences between the two positions include full-time schedules for assistant and general managers as well as additional administrative responsibilities, such as completing payroll, tracking inventories, and implementing marketing schemes. Individuals must exhibit deliberate, diligent noticeable passions for the restaurant industry.

Spices & Sauces Job Benefits
Career growth and intensive training programmes represent major employment benefits available to workers upon hire. Qualifying individuals gain access to healthcare schemes, investment schemes and pensions, and paid time off. Each outlet traditionally offers part-time and full-time employees select discounts on food and drink, sometimes in the form of free meals.

Founded in 2009, Spices & Sauces first opened in Thane and eventually moved into Hyderabad. Half a dozen locations operate in India, with plans in place to open new locations across the Eastern country and in other regional and international markets. In 2014, the chain began offering packaged dining deals, which offer set amounts of food themed to certain occasions for patrons to order ahead.

Spices & Sauces menus historically boast curries and masalas, shorbas, tandoori meats, traditional naan breads, and kebabs. Customers may also order Oriental favorites like stir-fry, rice and noodle dishes, and broth soups. The restaurants cater to continental tastes as well, with selections of traditional European and American soups, entrees, and sides. Patrons may choose from continental dishes like lasagna, pizza, steak, and roasted chicken. Catering services also remain available upon request for both indoor and outdoor venues.

The Indian restaurant operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of major hospitality conglomerate Panoramic Group. In 2013, the investment firm added roughly Rs 700 crore in assets on top of annual turnovers reaching in excess of Rs 1,200 crore. Expected growth of the parent company bodes well for the restaurant chain, which looks to expand to most major cities across India within the next few years.

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