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Online Saravana Bhavan Job Application Process

Serving delicious food prepared with passion, Saravana Bhavan specializes as a unique vegetation restaurant serving Indian cuisine. Prepared in hygienic conditions and reasonably priced for budget-conscious customers, the chain features menus with over 350 dishes offering patrons extraordinary food and service. The company continues to experience success, with more than 20 outlets residing in Chennai, around 30 in India, and about 45 around the world. An expansion in services allows locations to advertise fast food, take away, home delivery, and outdoor catering. Motivated and committed staff members support the success of the organization.

The restaurant chain employs over 8,700 individuals to perform entry-level and advanced functions. With locations spurting up routinely, new hires gain hiring consideration in job titles like host, server, cook, bartender, and manager. Past experience in related fields typically aids applicants in gaining attention from recruiters. Saravana Bhavan works tirelessly to ensure conducive work atmospheres by hiring upbeat and team-oriented individuals and offering a host of employee benefits for deserving staff members. Opportunities to develop professional skills remain readily available.

Individuals seeking employment with the Indian restaurant chain should either apply online or in person with relevant and professional resumes. Online users successfully locate the career tab on the main website to submit contact information along with uploaded resumes. Applicants may also choose to arrive in person and request the attention of hiring leaders directly. Job hopefuls using paper applications should submit the forms to managers on duty in order to begin the hiring process.

Saravana Bhavan Jobs and Salary Information
Potential team members must work traditional restaurant hours, which may include evenings and weekends. Reliable transportation, standing over the age of 18 years old, previous experience in customer service, and passion for the food industry allow applicants to gain hiring consideration. Ideally, aspirants should possess work history in similar settings. A professional demeanor remains essential to successfully work at Saravana Bhavan.

Server – Both courteous and professional, servers efficiently offer service in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Employees must continuously monitor tables, pick up and deliver food, clean tables, and interact with patrons. Other miscellaneous duties include cleaning menus and workplaces, prepping food, and communicating with cooks and managers. Experience in hospitality, retail, or general customer service aids in acquiring positions. Entry-level candidates may find consideration if upbeat, friendly, and easily trainable. Pay rates hover around ₹14,000 a month for entry-level servers. Increases in salary options to ₹16,000 a month remains possible for qualified labourers.

Cook – Entry-level cooking positions occasionally become obtainable; however, one to two years of previous experience remains necessary for candidates to stand out among applicant pools. Individuals must adhere to company and statutory regulations, which depict proper standards for health, hygiene, and safety. Knowledge of recipes, portion sizes, and presentation of dishes stands paramount once training completes. Salary packages of ₹18,000 a month prove typical for candidates without work histories in the kitchen. Advanced chefs garner much higher incomes of ₹50,000 a month. In conjunction with basic responsibilities, workers manage food stocks, organize workspaces, and keep all areas of the restaurant clean. The ability to work in quick-paced environments remains essential.

Assistant Manager – In charge of aiding managers in operations, assistant managers must perform work in many different facets. Monthly wages typically fall around ₹28,000. Employees regularly accomplish human resources objectives of recruiting, training, scheduling, and disciplining current and new workers. The day-to-day operations of retaining customers, monitoring sales, and guaranteeing quality of service and food remains the responsibility of staff members in managerial roles. Frequently, management set goals and assistant managers must ensure completion of targets. Employees also occasionally engage in other areas of the restaurant and serve or cook if short staffed.

Saravana Bhavan Job Benefits
The chain of restaurants deeply cares for the wellbeing of employees. While franchised locations may offer varying employment benefits, most outlets provide health and financial security. In addition to flexible scheduling options, competitive pay, and discounts on meals, select workers may earn paid time off and health coverage. Pension schemes and business opportunities also prove possible for upper-level managers. Entry-level staff members quickly find room for advancement if skilled and dedicated.

P. Rajagopal, the son of an onion wholesale trader, started a general provisions store in 1973. A few years later in 1981, in the same town of Chennai, Rajagopal opened Saravana Bhavan. The restaurant chain maintains more locations overseas than in India and continues to reach many milestones by expanding services and menu options. In 1991, Saravanaa Dairy Rich formed in order to meet the demands for ice cream in the eateries. The plant produces approximately 2,500 liters of ice cream daily.

Menu and Services
Featuring categories of soups, appetizers, dosas, uthappams, breads, rice varieties, combos, and specialties, available menus offer Indian cuisines unique to the cultures and regions served. Aromatic spices remain essential and combine with fresh, quality ingredients and local chefs skilled in preparing vegetarian foods. Over 350 menu options range from rasam, a mild spicy lentil soup, to onion dosas, cheese dosas, and chapathi, a soft whole-wheat bread. In addition to dine-in restaurants, Saravana Bhavan offers fast food, take away, home delivery, and outdoor catering. The company offers a personal brand of ice cream and bakery products, as well.

Franchise-based outlets give a portion of profits to the headquarters in Chennai, India, in order to own the famed name. The company continues to dominate with locations in nearly every continent and revenue amounting to approximately $450 million USD annually. Saravana Bhavan operates as one of the largest vegetarian restaurant chains in the world, with new locations continuously adding to the list.

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