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Nirula’s may be one of the most recognizable names in the Indian fast food industry. Founded in 1934, Nirula’s owns and operates several restaurant concepts, mainly in the North Central Region. However, Nirula’s franchise operations reside in other communities across India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Meerut, and Lucknow. Nirula’s maintains a total network of more than 70 locations.

The Nirula’s company features half a dozen restaurant chains: Nirula’s family restaurants, Nirula’s Express, Fuel Station Outlets, Potpourri, Nirula’s 21, and Pegasus bar. The company’s family establishment operates in similar way to traditional fast food restaurants, while Nirula’s Express only offers take out service. For a more upscale dining experience, Potpourri restaurants operate as a full-service restaurant, with a wait staff and extensive menu. Nirula’s also operates a collection of ice cream parlours. All Nirula’s locations remain committed to affordable prices for all properties.

Nirula’s restaurants have remained relevant in the Indian market for over 70 years. Much of the aforementioned success may be attributed to the excellent service put forth by Nirula’s workforce. Nirula’s hopes to continue a long tradition of success by hiring respectful and ethical employees for numerous job opportunities. Regardless of employment experience or personal background, Nirula’s will consider just about any applicant willing to exert the necessary time and effort needed to succeed. Entry-level positions and more advanced career opportunities alike may be present across the Nirula’s network.

Nirula’s Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Jobs with Nirula’s largely consist of positions standard to many fast food restaurants. Each job requires attention to fulfilling customer needs and providing a pleasant and memorable dining experience. Potential candidates may apply online by emailing a professional resume to Nirula’s corporate offices. A resume should include extensive information regarding previous employers, education level, work skills, and the best way a manager may contact an applicant. Available positions with Nirula’s include:

Team Member – Team members with Nirula’s work together maintaining every aspect of a specific restaurant. Common responsibilities among Nirula’s associates include ringing up customer orders, preparing and serving food, and keeping the kitchen and customer areas clean and sanitary. Every new hire, regardless of experience in the fast food industry, receive training regarding proper procedures and routines. Like many fast food restaurants in India, Nirula’s team members start earning minimum wage.

Management – Nirula’s managers act as leaders and role models to help bring along new associates. Managers assign duties to other employees based on needs and current resources. Nirula’s normally recruits managerial candidates from the current workforce, though hiring managers may consider outside applicants that posses the proper experience. Outside of communicating with workers, managers also balance cash receipts, order new inventory, organize the store, conduct payroll and scheduling, and interview and hire routinely hire new team members on a regular basis. A salaried position, Nirula’s managers typically earn pay rates from Rs 84,000 to Rs 300,000, a competitive figure in the Indian fast food market.

Head Office – Educated individuals may find a surprising amount of career opportunities with Nirula’s corporate offices. Crew members with the head office offers support to franchise locations across India. Nirula’s corporate offices include several specialties, such as accounting, marketing and advertising, purchasing, IT, human resources, and business administration. Generally, Nirula’s corporate offices prefer applicants with a college degree or requisite experience in the field.

Benefits of Working at Nirula’s
Qualified employees with Nirula’s may be surprised at the amount of job benefits available from the fast food chain. Perks offered by the restaurant company usually depend on job title, employment status, and time spent with the company. However, most Nirula’s workers enjoy flexible scheduling, personal days, and discounts on meals and hotel rooms across India. More advanced employment benefits include affordable medical plans and financial management programmes.

Nirula’s roots trace back to as early as 1934. Brothers LC and M Nirula opened a 12-room hotel in Connaught Place, New Delhi. The attached restaurant and bar served as inspiration for the company to move into the fast food industry. Widely seen as the Delhi’s first fast food chain, Nirula’s opened the first company location in 1977. Modeled after competing fast food chains from Western culture, Nirula’s quickly caught on with the Indian public.

Nirula’s menu features both traditional Indian cuisine and American-inspired fast food products. Indian contents include paneer makhani, kebabs, thalis, dals, and vada pav. American specialties from Nirula’s include submarine sandwiches, pizza slices, and burgers. Additionally, Nirula’s offers dozens of dessert options, such as cakes, pastries, sundaes, and dozens of ice cream flavors.

Nirula’s and other properties fall under ownership of Nirula’s Corner House Private Limited. Featuring more than 70 locations, Nirula’s continuously looks to expand through franchising efforts. Entrepreneurs with the drive and determination may become a part of the Nirula’s family after meeting all of the necessary guidelines set by the company. Franchisee operations make up a majority of the privately-owned Nirula’s structure. All properties report to Nirula’s head office in Delhi.

Minimum age to work at Nirula’s: 18

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