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Spicing up India with locations throughout the country, Nando’s offers addictive peri peri chicken and Afro-Portuguese inspired sides. Branches in Punjab, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai guarantee unique dining experiences with exceptional food. Each restaurant presents a special design, as the chain universally maintains both earthy textures and colours of the Portuguese roots with original South African art. Afro-Luso beats create fun vibes in addition to friendly service and flame-grilled food. Over 1,000 outlets reside throughout the world, with around eight locations in India alone.

The restaurant continues to steadily open new outlets. Hundreds of skilled labourers partake in exciting career opportunities with the chain. Mostly featured in popular cities, outlets offer candidates access to branches online and ways to stay up-to-date with the latest openings. Job titles range from entry-level server and host/hostess positions to assistant and general manager careers. Company cultures radiate team orientation, with members uniting like close-knitted families. Prospective applicants should share interests in the food and hospitality industry.

Nando’s selectively posts a few job openings online. Candidates may fill out brief applications if interested in available opportunities. However, the best approach to securing positions remains to apply in person. Potential employees must demonstrate to hiring managers friendly and outgoing personalities. During the hiring process, aspirants receive in-person interviews, which touch on previous experience and educational backgrounds.

Nando’s Jobs and Salary Information
Proper training allows qualified applicants chances to secure opportunities with the chain. Individuals over the age of 18 years old try different roles and learn new skill sets in order to find niches in the industry. Reliable transportation and the ability to work evenings and weekends remains a requirement. Outgoing applicants with a desire to help customers frequently find work in the following positions:

Server – Eager to please customers, servers represent the company directly and should demonstrate excellent presentation. Warm, welcoming smiles with clean, ironed uniforms allow staff members to make positive impressions. Making ₹19,000 a month, servers navigate quick-paced environments geared toward working as a team. Specific duties range from taking orders and collecting payments to checking on customers throughout meals and informing guests of daily specials. Employees also prepare cold and hot beverages and keep glasses full throughout each meal. Experience in a restaurant stands paramount in succeeding in the position.

Dishwasher – Average starting pay for dishwashers begins at ₹17,000 a month. Everyday responsibilities may include washing a variety of dishes, glassware, flatware, pans, and pots. Employees utilize dishwashing machines or wash select pieces by hand. Often, workers stock supplies in refrigerators and kitchen work areas. General cleaning, such as sweeping and scrubbing floors, taking out the trash, and washing trash bins, may prove necessary. Ideal job contenders include people able to stand for long periods, bend and twist, as well as lift moderately heavy objects. Previous experience in a dish room setting grants candidates an edge over other applicants.

Assistant Manager – Leading restaurant teams into success, assistant managers ensure employees deliver exceptional customer experiences. Leaders must achieve operational results while retaining new and old customers. Motivated staff members turn to management for training, schedules, and responsibilities. In addition to supporting labourers, assistants may cook items on the menu, set up kitchens for service, monitor food and labour costs, and adhere to company policies concerning food handling, quality service, and cleanliness. Individuals possessing the necessary qualifications typically maintain strong work ethics, communication skills, positive attitudes, enthusiastic personalities, immaculate presentation, and hands-on experience in hospitality or restaurant environments. Positions garner salary packages around ₹700,000 a year.

Nando’s Job Benefits
The progressive brand encourages career progression for hardworking employees. Entry-level occupants engage in lasting careers as managers after a few years of experience. The team cultures, which often resemble families, fill labourers with pride, passion, integrity, and courage. Discounts on meals, uniforms, competitive wages, and health benefits encourage a large number of applicants for job postings. Occasionally, qualified staff members may receive paid time off; however, all workers enjoy flexible schedules.

Launched in India in 2010, Nando’s began spreading across the country with three more locations sprouting up soon after. Originally founded in 1987, the company emerged from Johannesburg, a large city in South Africa. By 2013, over 1,000 branches in around 35 countries showcased the diversity and interest of the chain. Five Indian cities host the restaurant with more expansion expected.

Flamed-grilled chicken served in quarters, halves, wholes, and butterfly breasts represent a specialty of the restaurant. Each of Nando’s chicken products feature one of four peri peri flavors along with lemon and herb, lime and mango, and other spices. Peri peri, also known as African Bird’s Eye chili, grows in East and Southern Africa. Other unique dishes include burgers, pitas, wings, wraps, and salads. Appetizers, such as hummus, spicy mixed olives, chicken livers roll, and soup, begin meals, while desserts like carrot cake, creamy cheesecake, choco cake, and ice cream end each experience.

The privately owned company strives forward each year with rapid expansion. Advertising Age magazine rated Nando’s as one of the top 30 hottest marketing brands in 2010. As of 2014, the restaurant group remains wholly owned by businessman Dick Enthoven and his family. The chain possesses global presence in countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Pakistan, United States, and Zimbabwe.

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