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Murugan Idli Shop operates as an international chain of restaurants offering South Indian cuisine. The prominent food outlet began in the early 1990s and boasts more than 20 locations throughout Asia. Menus reflect both modern and traditional styles of Indian food, with emphasis on the popular lentil-based dish idli. As cafes, the outlets primarily serve tiffin and lunch options as well as select beverages, snacks, and desserts.

Guests enjoy delicious foods and casual, family-friendly settings. However, the restaurant chain caters to both dine-in and carryout customers. Many Murugan Idli Shops sit along busy streets in densely populated towns, which provides thousands of people direct access to outlets either on foot or driving motorcars. The chain enjoys widespread notoriety, including testimonials from recording artists and reviews from major travel and scene magazines. In recent years, the outlet received inclusion in an internationally best-selling book written by American author Jenny Linford called “1,001 Restaurants You Must Experience Before You Die.”

Delicious foods and international acclaim continue the success of the restaurant chain and require the hiring of new, motivated, and talented individuals to provide general customer service in addition to preparing meals and ensuring clean and safe working environments. Job hopefuls looking for work with the Indian restaurant often encounter positions available in serving, hosting, prep and line cooking, and management. Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age and thrive in fast-faced environments centred on humility, timeliness, and attention to detail.

Murugan Idli Shop Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Family-oriented, the restaurant chain often makes employment opportunities more accessible to extended relatives of franchise owners. However, applicants with strong desires to work in the restaurant industry may capitalize on the growing nature of the chain and apply for Murugan Idli Shop jobs as new positions become available. Some experience may prove necessary for positions involved in food prep and management. Entry-level jobs like server and any hosting work generally require no employment history. The following positions stand ready for hire:

Server – Applicants in search of part-time, entry-level work often find lucrative employment as servers. The role features varying hours, with shifts beginning in the early morning and extending into the evening. Job duties consist of greeting customers and taking food orders. During busy rushes, servers may assist kitchen staff in preparing meals. Other responsibilities include cleaning work stations, clearing tables, and arranging place settings. Inexperienced candidates enjoy starting pay scales around ₹80,000 a month, with yearly salary options topping out around ₹100,000.

Hosts – Responsible for greeting diners upon entering Murugan Idli Shop outlets, hosts also take accountability for arranging seating charts and explaining specials and daily offerings. Hosts assist servers with duties, as well. Per hour, the role brings home ₹600 to ₹700, with opportunities for increases based on service. The job title hinges on personality and punctuality. Applicants must remain jovial, approachable, and outgoing in order to gain employment.

Management – Career seekers looking for managerial roles with the international restaurant chain find meaningful jobs as supervisors. Most franchises reserve managerial positions for family members; however, individuals with impeccable backgrounds and histories of hiring motivated help, supervising subordinate workers, setting schedules, and organizing general restaurant operations enjoy similar chances for hire. Labourers with senior secondary school-level educations remain highly sought-after among applicants. Prospective managerial associates should also possess the ability to work early mornings, afternoons, and evenings as well as some over time.

Murugan Idli Shop Job Benefits
The popular eatery provides discounted or complimentary food and drink for employees on the clock. Additional work benefits extend primarily to full-time associates in managerial roles or cook positions. Specific job benefits may include health insurance options, pension schemes, assistance programmes, and flexible hours. Bonus incentives may become available based on tenure with the restaurant chain and performance on the job.

Murugan Idli Shop began in the 1960s as a small, family-owned shop operated by the parents of proprietor S. Manoharan, who took over the chain in 1991. In 2003, the owner expanded the scope of the company to include more locations and broader menus, with restaurant operations increasing throughout Chennai. The new outlets launched the chain into widely revered status. An international purveyor of South Indian food, the honored chain also maintains storefronts in Singapore and Vellore.

Known for dosas, idli, and other varieties of South Indian cuisine, Murugan Idli Shop offers tiffin and lunch-inspired menus. Staff serve food in traditional styles using long mats and large bowls shared between groups dining in. The chain also features full menus for takeout and extensive catering services.

The small, privately owned chain of outlets falls under the control of S. Manoharan, who handles franchising and daily operations across the near two dozen locations. Plans sit in place to open around 300 outlets by 2025. Each storefront costs around ₹50,000 crore to upstart. Franchisees receive direct guidance from Manoharan during the first two years of operation in order to ensure success of new locations. Corporate offices for the major restaurant chain reside in Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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