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Moti Mahal stands as a global restaurant chain with over 120 locations worldwide. The company specializes in Mughlai cuisine and claims responsibility for introducing tandoori dishes to much of the world. Franchise locations usually employ between 10 and 25 workers to fill chef, host, and steward positions.

In the coming years, the restaurant chain expects to hire many more associates in order to establish a presence in every city throughout India as well as every major city around the world. Moti Mahal maintains high standards of quality and service by supplying every franchise location with a master chef trained to recreate beloved North Indian recipes.

Customer service ranks highly with the company. Employees stand responsible for making customers feel like royalty. A large corporate support staff exists to help restaurants improve every aspect of service down to the smallest details. High standards regarding meal preparation, restaurant layout, hygiene, and hospitality require accountable, dedicated workers.

Moti Mahal Jobs and Salary Expectations
Moti Mahal hires numerous employees to fill positions related to food preparation, serving, cleaning, and guest interaction. Job seekers may find part-time or full-time work in roles such as:

Chef de Partie – The chef de partie plays a vital role in the restaurant. Workers handle everything from delegating kitchen tasks to recipe preparation. Candidates must hold previous cooking or food service experience and know how to work tandoori ovens. Daily responsibilities include communicating with coworkers, preparing food to guest specifications, and working with sharp kitchen utensils, hot ovens, and raw ingredients. Employees may perform additional tasks as well, such as opening and closing the restaurant, cleaning the kitchen, and ordering ingredients. Chefs typically earn a salary close to Rs. 14,500.

Steward – Stewards typically earn wages between Rs. 14,000 and 15,000 while working part-time to take orders, deliver food, and cater to the needs of restaurant guests. Job responsibilities cover all aspects of service and customer interaction. Associates must display kind and outgoing attitudes as well as good memories and the ability to work in fast-paced environments. Previous experience working in customer service or restaurant locations stands preferred but not required.

Benefits of Working at Moti Mahal
Eligible employees at Moti Mahal may earn comprehensive work benefits. Industry-standard job benefits packages typically include employer-sponsored retirement schemes, welfare schemes, healthcare coverage or medical reimbursement, and career advancement opportunities. Additionally, associates receive competitive wages, on-the-job training, flexible schedules, and discounts on food at the discretion of franchise owners.

The founder of the company, Kundan Lal Gujral, originally started a tandoori restaurant in Peshawar during the 1920s. Following the Partition of India in 1947, which displaced over 15 million people, Gujral moved the business to New Delhi, where the restaurant evolved into Moti Mahal. Restaurant locations exist in multiple countries across several continents, which consistently receive awards and recognition for exceptional food and service.

Moti Mahal offers a large menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like tandoori dishes, soups, breads, makhani meals, and specialty platters. Customer favourites include butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and dal makhani. Originating as a common form of North Indian cooking, the tandoori oven gave rise to the famous tandoori chicken recipes which put the restaurant chain on the map and led to global success.

The financial situation of the restaurant chain remains strong thanks to global consumer preferences favoring flavorful and aromatic Indian cuisine. Corporate leadership plans to expand operations in the coming years by building new franchises, increasing revenue streams, and establishing efficient distribution chains.

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