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Online Moshe’s Job Application Process

An Indian chain of restaurants and cafes, Moshe’s specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, with additional offerings featuring Turkish, Moroccan, Italian, and Israeli items paired with wines and homemade dessert foods. The company maintains about 14 outlets across Mumbai and Prune. Customers frequently report friendly service and enjoy the traditional aspects of the food and atmosphere. The company also offers take-away, catering, and an in-store gourmet section.

Moshe’s team members deliver unforgettable experiences, which helps to retain new and current patrons. Facilities often feature high ceilings, garden and patio seating, and dark wooden flooring. Servers, bartenders, and hosts/hostesses interact with customers directly and maintain presentable and professional appearances. Assistants and managers stand accessible and eagerly answer inquires and handle problems quickly and efficiently. Other opportunities include bussing, dishwashing, cooking, and food prepping. The unique and diverse atmospheres welcome candidates with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Interested applicants find opportunities by arriving in person at one of the many locations. Hiring leaders seek candidates with qualified resumes showcasing relevant experience and educational backgrounds. Potential staff members must demonstrate an ability to blend into the culture of the restaurant. Employees work together to serve customers and ensure positive visits. New locations look to hire dozens of workers to fill one of the many kitchen and front-of-house positions as the chain expands into different markets.

Moshe’s Jobs and Salary Information
Potential employees over the age of 18 years old find work with Moshe’s in full-time and part-time positions. Entry-level contenders should demonstrate superior communication skills and remain presentable at all times. Room for advancement remains available to individuals seeking to make careers with the restaurant chain. Proper education and work history allows aspirants to stand out among competitive applicant pools. The ability to work a flexible schedule and possession of reliable transportation remains essential.

Host/Hostess – Prior to opening, hosts and hostesses ensure restaurants stand ready for guests. Impeccable manners and personal presentation stand paramount as customers enter through the doors. Employees greet visitors with warm, welcoming smiles and friendly conversation. During shifts, team members stay attentive to the requests of patrons and work as quickly as possible to guarantee satisfaction. Monthly salary options for individuals without experience begin at ₹13,000. Other responsibilities may include taking reservations, cleaning menus, assisting with food and drink services, clearing tables, completing dockets accurately, and escorting guests to tables. Candidates should demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, personable demeanors, and the ability to quickly problem solve.

Server – Yielding a monthly average of ₹15,000, server jobs place candidates in direct responsibility of delivering food and beverages throughout the restaurant efficiently and in courteous manners. Team members may recommend menu options to indecisive or new customers and should stay well-versed with the menus. Further duties include clearing tables, food preparation, replenishing supplies, receiving items from stockrooms, maintaining general appearances of working areas, and setting up tables according to policy. Previous experience in similar settings remains extremely helpful in gaining employment with the company. Individuals should work quickly, stay positive, and take an interest in creating personalized experiences for customers.

Manager – Enlisted to carry out the operations of the restaurant and cafe, managers maintain smooth business functions and focus on building sales. Typically, ideal contenders possess five-plus years of restaurant experience. Individuals must remain assertive, understanding, and dedicated in order to handle customer queries and staff concerns. On top of offering assistance in running the front- and back-of-outlet operations, leaders create schedules, organize and plan training, hire new team members, and host periodical meetings. Salary packages range from ₹19,000 to ₹22,000 a month for managerial roles.

Moshe’s Job Benefits
The prominent restaurant guarantees workers exceptional rewards for hard work and efforts. Schedules stay flexible to allow labourers time to handle outside commitments. Depending on the position and length of employment, individuals may receive paid time off. Entry-level candidates maintain options for top-notch training and progress into other job titles within outlets. Managerial roles remain available for qualified staff members experienced in each aspect of the restaurant industry. Further job benefits include discounts on meals, competitive salary schemes, and wellness perks.

Founded by Moshe Shek, Moshe’s began as Moshe’s Oliva in 2003. Two Moshe’s branded outlets emerged in 2004, located in Mumbai. The chain continued expansion and opened restaurants in Fort and Colaba. In January of 2009, the company launched Moshe’s Bakery Cafe in South Mumbai.

Specializing in Mediterranean food, Moshe’s also completes the menu with Portuguese, North African, Middle Eastern, and Greek cuisines. On frequent occasions, the items available on the menu rotate. In keeping with Jewish law, milk and meat products remain completely separated in the kitchens. Uniquely, locations prepare bread and dessert items in kitchens with fresh ingredients. Patrons enjoy dishes such as mafiasco pizza, healthy garden salads, Malaysian chicken with lemon grass rice, and blueberry cheesecake. In addition to dining services, the chain offers a variety of retail products like jams, breads, dips, condiments, and cookies. Diverse flavors of jams available include orange and saffron, apple and cinnamon, sweet chili, pineapple orange, and Indian gooseberry. Shoppers also enjoy chocolate fudge, oatmeal, gingerbread, and panforte cookies.

Initially, the restaurants remained wholly owned by Moshe Shek; however, in February of 2013, Prakash Shetty, of Bangalore, acquired 90% interest in the chain. The original valuation of the transaction hovered in the range of Rs 60 crore and Rs 65 crore. In total, the actual deal valued between Rs 25 and 40 crore.