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Founder Harland “Colonel” Sanders first began selling fried chicken at a roadside filling station in North Corbin, Kentucky, USA, in 1930. Sanders converted the establishment into a makeshift diner after purchasing the filling station in 1934. From there, what eventually became known as Kentucky Fried Chicken grew through franchising efforts across the United States. Restaurants opened in England and Australia in 1968, Japan in 1970, New Zealand in 1971, Indonesia in 1979, China in 1987, and finally India in 1995. KFC India boasts nearly 225 locations in 35 cities across the country and operates as part of a network of 18,000 KFC restaurants worldwide.

Patrons of KFC India enjoy the same classic menus available at KFC U.S. locations. Menus primarily feature fried chicken offerings basted with the KFC secret recipe of spices. Slight variations in KFC India menus reflect the vegetarian influences of traditional Indian cuisine. Franchising led to widespread accessibility of the KFC brand throughout the country. Most KFC India locations reside in major metropolitan areas. Revamped ad campaigns and PR initiatives account for increased brand popularity.

The budding restaurant franchise looks to expand aggressively in the near future. Applicants in search of KFC India jobs should take advantage of employment opportunities frequently available with the international restaurant chain. KFC India regularly hires for part-time and full-time positions featuring flexible work schedules, competitive pay scales, and generous discounts on meals. Most KFC India workers begin as team members. The fast food chain also hires for managerial and supervisory roles.

Popular KFC Job Titles and Salary Information
In order to work for KFC India, applicants must fall between the age range of 18 and 30. Courteous, attentive, and hard-working job seekers typically gain favor during the KFC India hiring process. KFC India needs to hire motivated workers to fill entry-level jobs and professional careers alike. Common jobs for hire include:

Team Member – KFC team members operate cash registers and provide customer service. Additional job duties include preparing menu items to order and maintaining sanitary and orderly work environments. Most Kentucky Fried Chicken team member candidates encounter a single job interview during the employment process in which applicants respond to basic interview questions regarding professional motives and job history. Kempt appearances often benefit potential associates. KFC India team member jobs pay between Rs. 5,500 and Rs. 6,000 in monthly salary at start.

Management – Seasoned professionals may take interest in KFC managerial positions. Applicants with experience in the fast food industry or in desire of experience to build meaningful careers later in life should fill out an online application form with KFC India. Specific job titles include shift manager and restaurant manager. KFC India shift manager jobs involve supervising, scheduling, motivating, and delegating work to subordinate entry-level workers. Restaurant managers assist in day-to-day operations as well as carry out administrative and recruitment responsibilities. Average monthly salary options for shift managers fall around Rs. 12,500. KFC India restaurant managers may make in excess of Rs. 26,000 a month.

Benefits of Working at KFC India
Due to franchising, employment benefits available to Kentucky Fried Chicken India associates often vary. Internationally, KFC offers eligible employees generous job benefits packages often consisting of healthcare coverage, paid time off, and financial planning assistance. Complete an online job application to find further details on KFC India employee benefits today.

While KFC initially entered India in 1995, the brand failed to generate success until later reintegration in 1999. Kentucky Fried Chicken started in the city of Bangalore on both occasions. Second efforts at franchising in India proved more fruitful and eventually led to nationwide expansion. By October 2013, around 225 locations operated in 35 Indian municipalities. KFC India plans to continue expanding throughout the country, with goals of more than 500 restaurants by 2015.

The KFC India menu features roughly the same items as participating U.S. locations. Differing options include sandwiches featuring potato patties, fried veggie bites, and rice bowls featuring basmati rice. Fried chicken remains the staple of KFC menus in India. Other favorites include chicken wings, chicken nuggets, French fries, frozen yogurt, toasted wraps, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers. Locations in select cities, such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune, offer online ordering from the KFC India website.

Multiple holding companies own and operate KFC franchises in India. Globally, Kentucky Fried Chicken operations fall under proprietorship of Yum! Brands Inc. Yum! acquired Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1997 as Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. Assuming the current Yum! Brands moniker in 2002, the international restaurateur owns and operates Taco Bell, Wing Street, and Pizza Hut, as well. KFC India saw operations grow by 80 locations in 2012. Annual revenues for Kentucky Fried Chicken reach in excess of $15 billion worldwide. KFC maintains world headquarters in Louisville, KY, USA.

Minimum age to work at KFC India: 18

Official Site: www.kfc.co.in/workwithus.php