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Kaati Zone operates a chain of quick service restaurants primarily in South and West India. The brand name refers to Kaati rolls, which serve as the specialty dish of the successful restaurant chain. Kaati Zone oversees a growing network of more than 20 restaurants, with over half located in the City of Bangalore. The remaining locations occupy strategic positions in other major Indian cities like Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Founded in 2004, Kaati Zone ranks among the first legitimately organized quick service restaurants in India. The restaurant chain offers healthy food at moderate prices and serves more than a million Kaati rolls each year.

Initially developed out of a residential kitchen, Kaati Zone maintains a central kitchen facility providing food preparation and distribution services to all restaurants within the company. The centralized process allows employees at Kaati Zone restaurants to focus more on guest services and less on cooking, which reduces customer wait times and enhances the reputation of the brand. Kaati Zone also caters to busy, urban customers by serving menu items in exclusive packaging enabling on-the-go consumption. The restaurant chain enjoys an established presence in high-traffic settings like airports, business parks, corporate campuses, and shopping malls.

Already a pioneer among Indian quick service restaurants, Kaati Zone continuously strives to maintain a prominent position within the rapidly growing industry. The restaurant company plans to use the franchise model of business to develop a nationwide footprint by 2017. To fulfill the ambitious plans for expansion and ensure continued success at existing restaurants, Kaati Zone needs to hire new workers on a regular basis. Employment opportunities commonly available at Kaati Zone restaurants range from entry-level positions to management careers. Prospective employees should consider Kaati Zone jobs for a chance to work for a revolutionary Indian quick service restaurant chain.

Available Kaati Zone Jobs and Salary Information
Restaurant jobs at Kaati Zone offer suitable employment at all career levels. Kaati Zone hires entry-level job seekers to serve customers and experienced restaurant workers to manage overall commercial operations. The restaurant chain complies with the national minimum hiring age of 14, though individual franchise operators may impose more restrictive age requirements. Kaati Zone restaurants regularly feature the following job titles:

Cashier – Entry-level cashier jobs at Kaati Zone involve various customer service and cash handling responsibilities. Employees greet guests, process customer orders, operate computerized cash registers, and collect payments. Other job duties include cleaning restaurant locations and ensuring the receipt of ordered meals. Prospective cashier associates should possess strong numerical skills, friendly personalities, and flexible schedule availability. Candidates with previous cashier experience often gain increased hiring consideration over other applicants. Kaati Zone generally pays cashiers about Rs. 6,000 or Rs. 7,000 per month.

Food Handler – Food handlers work in the kitchen areas of Kaati Zone restaurants. The entry-level job entails the fulfillment of customer orders. Basic responsibilities include using standard kitchen equipment to heat menu items quickly for customers. Food handler associates also clean work areas and keep stock organised. Job seekers pursuing food handler positions at Kaati Zone need to uphold high standards of hygiene and the ability to work efficiently in fast-paced restaurant environments. Monthly pay scales for Kaati Zone food handlers typically hover around Rs. 6,000.

Management – Responsible for the overall success of Kaati Zone restaurants, managers oversee daily commercial operations and report directly to the franchise owner. In some cases, restaurant franchisees also work as head managers. Careers with Kaati Zone in restaurant management involve hiring and training new workers, coordinating employee work schedules, delegating daily jobs to entry-level associates, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Managers also perform various accounting, finance, and marketing duties to drive sales and facilitate restaurant profitability. Previous restaurant management experience typically serves as the most important hiring requirement for managerial jobs available at Kaati Zone. Some locations may require candidates to satisfy certain academic standards, as well. Salary rates for Kaati Zone managers often exceed Rs. 20,000 per month, depending on experience and location.

Benefits of Working at Kaati Zone
Kaati Zone restaurant jobs offer access to competitive monthly salary options, safe and hygienic work environments, and flexible schedules. Workers also take advantage of on-job training and career advancement opportunities. As the Kaati Zone brand continues to expand nationwide, employees increasingly enjoy new opportunities to advance professionally within the restaurant company. Job seekers should contact a local Kaati Zone restaurant to inquire about the availability of any additional employment benefits or fill out an online application form to begin the hiring process today.

The Kaati Zone concept initially came to fruition in 2004. After developing products and recipes in a residential kitchen, the company founders opened the first Kaati Zone restaurant in the South Indian city of Bangalore. Kaati Zone quickly proved popular among customers, who enjoyed the contemporary varieties of Kaati rolls offered at the newly established quick service restaurant. Throughout the 2000s, Kaati Zone expanded across Bangalore and entered new urban markets like Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. The restaurant chain maintains over 20 locations, primarily in South and West India, and constantly pursues new franchise opportunities throughout the country.

Kaati Zone specialises in Kaati rolls stuffed with various fillings. The Kaati Zone menu features both chicken and vegetarian varieties of rolls. Popular selections include chicken tikka, paneer tikka, and vegetable shami kebab. In addition to Kaati rolls, Kaati Zone restaurants offer cheeserias, meal boxes, and parathas. The quick service restaurant chain also provides catering services and ranks among the few Indian restaurant companies to accommodate online ordering.

Parent company East West Ethnic Foods Pvt Ltd operates Kaati Zone as a privately held enterprise. Confidentiality agreements with investors prohibit Kaati Zone from disclosing financial information, though new franchises typically yield at least a 70% return on an initial investment ranging from Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. Kaati Zone maintains company headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Minimum age to work at Kaati Zone: 14

Official Site: www.kaatizone.com/feedback.htm