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Online Jumbo King Job Application Process

Made up of nearly 50 locations, Jumbo King operates a successful network of Indian fast food restaurants. Based out of the Maharashtrian region of Mumbai, Jumbo King primarily serves established Indian street food and snacks. The fast food chain primarily serves the areas of Bangalore, Aurangabad, Gujarat, and throughout the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Most Jumbo King locations act as franchisee-based establishments, all under the supervision of parent company Jumbo King Foods Limited.

Jumbo King specializes in local Indian food served quickly. Locations primarily serve vada pav, a cultural staple. Made from deep fried mashed potatoes and placed on a bread roll, vada pav may be looked at as the Indian version of the cheeseburger. Jumbo King serves nearly a dozen varieties of the popular Indian street food. The company uses fresh ingredients to make everything on the Jumbo King menu. Jumbo King prepares everything in a hygienic and affordable manner, making vada pav affordable for all kinds of customers.

Jumbo King restaurants across India look for quality applicants to fill numerous part-time and full-time jobs. Entry-level positions require extensive customer service and communication skills. However, each associate must also exhibit hard work, flexibility, and a calm attitude during stressful situations. Entry-level jobs may be more prevalent in fast food restaurants like Jumbo King. However, plenty of professional career opportunities exist with the national brand, as well.

Popular Jumbo King Job Titles and Salary Info
To start a potential job with Jumbo King restaurants, prospective workers must complete an official employment application. Individuals must look at the application form as a sales pitch to Jumbo King hiring managers. Typical sections applicants must fill out include work history, availability, education, job skills, and personal or professional references. Candidates must provide contact information as well, including address and phone numbers. Jumbo King officials may select new hires for the following positions:

Customer Service Representatives – Customer service representatives comprise of several unique duties. Jumbo King associates take responsibility for excellent customer service, food creation, and facility upkeep. New representatives learn to make everything on the Jumbo King menu in a quick yet sanitary manner, as well as operating kitchen machinery and appliances. Additional training also covers operating the cash register ringing up orders, interacting with customers, and opening or closing stores, to name a few. Many Jumbo King customer service representatives just starting with the company earn minimum wage.

Store Management – Store managers with Jumbo King work closely with entry-level employees, especially when introducing new associates to the restaurant’s work environment. Managers train crew members in proper food preparation and customer service skills, as well as delegating duties to the more experienced workers. Administrative aspects of a Jumbo King management job include payroll, scheduling, budgeting, implementing marketing strategies, and keeping constant communication with Jumbo King corporate offices.

Head Office – The head office for Jumbo King is stationed in Mumbai, where corporate employees figure out ways to expand the company name and influence. Jumbo King maintains many of the same departments of similar corporate environments. Qualified job seekers may find employment in accounting, IT, human resources, marketing, real estate, business development, and administration. Qualifications for corporate jobs with Jumbo King usually carry certain education and employment standards.

Benefits of Working at Jumbo King
Applicants may be curious about possible job benefits available from Jumbo King. Individual franchise owners usually make the final decision regarding Jumbo King employment benefits. Popular rewards largely include flexible scheduling, weekly paychecks, and discounts on meals both on and off the clock. More advanced employee benefits include both medical and financial programs, including health insurance, paid vacation, and frequent pay raises for good service. Some Jumbo King work benefits carry consideration based on a team member’s work status (part-time/full-time), time sent with the company, and job title.

The Jumbo King business first opened on August 23, 2001 by Indian couple Dheeraj and Reeta Gupta. Formerly successful Burger King franchise owners, the couple became inspired to open an Indian fast food restaurant after a visit to London. The first iteration of the company operated under the title Chaat Factory before becoming Jumbo King. More than 10 years later, Jumbo King sells approximately 40,000 vada pav snacks a day. The company maintains corporate headquarters in the Maharashtra region.

Jumbo King serves multiple combo meals for vada pav. Apart from the signature dish, the restaurant chain also serves prominent Indian snack foods like paneer, corn palek, and jumbosa rolls. Jumbo King also uses a variety of sauces, such as chutney, schezwan, and tandoori. For the best savings, Jumbo King customers may purchase several combo meals, which include soft drinks, chillies, Lassi beverages, and a rice side dish.

Jumbo King revenue mainly comes from franchise owners and operators. The company features an extensive franchise application process for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Potential candidates must make an initial investment of Rs. 12 lakhs to open a franchise location. At that point, new owners receive all of the necessary tools from Jumbo King head offices in order to succeed.

Minimum age to work at Jumbo King: 18

Official Site: www.jumboking.co.in/contact.html