Hyderabad House Application

Online Hyderabad House Job Application Process

A restaurant chain offering Hyderabadi cuisine, the Hyderabad House occupies over 23 outlets across South India. The eatery welcomes patrons with unique food interests, including both vegetarians and meat eaters. Customers maintain the option to dine in or take food to go. The restaurant serves individuals with adventurous tongues, open to the idea of more diverse food selections. Prized workers demonstrate excellent customer service and provide each consumer with a memorable experience. Prices remain affordable to most residents in the surrounding communities.

Service must stay extraordinary throughout the entire dining process. Hyderabad House hires talented team members from the local population to create authentic experiences. People reaching the age requirement and possessing the necessary skill sets may earn employment in entry-level jobs or even advanced careers in management. Typically, a large variety of opportunities remains available in restaurants and range from serving and hosting to cooking and dishwashing. Familiarity with the cuisine helps candidates secure positions, similar to previous experience in related settings or with customers.

The application process varies depending on the specific outlet. The best way to get connected with hiring leaders remains to arrive in person and request the attention of the manager on duty. Applicants should come across professional, respectful, and determined. By accepting an entry-level opportunity, candidates may quickly move up to more desirable positions if dedicated and capable. Workers must learn many facets of the restaurant in order to ensure smooth operations during busy times or staff shortages. Assertive employees continuously seek knowledge on all restaurant-related tasks.

Hyderabad House Jobs and Salary Information
Expected to arrive to work on time if scheduled, the ideal candidate maintains reliable transportation to the restaurant. Open scheduling availability may also increase hiring potential, especially during lunch and dinner rushes. Individuals over the age of 18 qualify for employment consideration, per Indian law. Other necessary requirements may include previous experience in similar setting, excellent communication skills, basic understanding of mathematics, and the ability to work in a team environment.

Host/Hostess – Carefully monitoring the dining sections of the restaurant for clean and emptied tables, hosts and hostesses seat patrons as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first faces seen upon entrance, hosting employees must tactfully converse with guests and interest potential customers with welcoming smiles and friendly demeanors. Other necessary duties include answering the telephone, booking reservations, meeting the needs of waiting guests, and moving tables to accommodate large parties. Occasionally, team members may take initial drink orders and bus tables to help quicken table turnover. Salary options begin at ₹204,000 annually for prospective staff members pursuing such positions.

Server – With annual pay rates of ₹180,000, servers should possess superior interpersonal skills. Candidates must remain presentable and physically capable of standing and walking for long periods of time. Labourers engage with patrons to offer proficient and professional food and beverage services, while also meeting expectations of restaurant managers. After welcoming guests and introducing specials, employees answer questions about food and request drink and menu selections. Staff members handle customer complaints, deliver service promptly and expertly, and coordinate with cooks to ensure meals meet the needs of patrons.

Manager – Individuals with a few years of serving or managing experience may move up to managerial roles within restaurants. Positions require creating schedules which fit the needs of various employees. Other responsibilities may entail handling complaints and answering inquires, training new staff members, completing interviews and hiring paperwork, as well as creating quotas. Yearly salary packages start at ₹360,000 for laborers beginning management careers. Opportunities regularly request workers remain versatile enough to perform in all areas of the restaurant in case of staff shortages.

Hyderabad House Job Benefits
Employees enjoy unique work benefits designed to support professional development and flexibility. Schedules support healthy balances between work and time off, as to allow each individual the opportunity to engage in outside commitments. Talented labourers quickly rise into management careers and even outlet owners, if skilled in business and restaurant operations. Workers receive discounts on menu items, as well.

Established in 1975 by Mir Babar Ali, Hyderabad House started as a single restaurant and later expanded into a chain under the guidance of Mir Mazharuddin. In the earlier years, the restaurant stood as a small take-away chain. Strategically placed in up-market areas in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, branches quickly expanded throughout South India. The brand eventually went on a global level with outlets in Mecca, Bahrain, Madina, Sydney, and Abu Dhabi.

Featuring Hyderabadi cuisine, also known as Deccani, restaurants promote a native selection of rice, wheat, and meat dishes along with various herbs, spices, and natural edibles. Key flavours include sesame seeds, peanuts, tamarind, and coconut, which highlight many dishes. Carefully selected ingredients cook at the right degree and time to ensure the perfect cuisine. The menu, organized in main categories, includes starters, kababs, seafood, combos, curries, vegetarian options, soups, desserts, and beverages. Prime favourites range from a veg spring roll and chicken corn soup to mandarin fish and egg soft noodles.

Hyderabad House Private Limited operates as a private company and remains registered at Registrar of Companies. The authorized share capital stands at roughly Rs. 200,000, while the paid up capital amounts to nearly Rs. 178,000. Due to the success of the restaurant, many outlets allow for the continuous expansion of the business, and stand operated by franchisees.