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Faaso’s operates as a chain of quick service restaurants specialising in wraps. Meant for customers on the go, Faaso’s offers fresh Indian street food with a western style of service. Avoiding frills and fine dining pompousness, Faaso’s offers a fun, casual dining experience. The restaurant chain maintains over 50 locations throughout Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. A sizable chain, Faaso’s employs dozens of workers across the restaurant system.

An innovative company, Faaso’s fills the gap between street food vendor and Western chain. The restaurant takes desi street food that Indians know and love, and serves it with a Western service level. Following standardized processes, Faaso’s ensures that guests enjoy clean food deliver with speed and convenience. Standing apart from typical Western chains that serve sandwiches or burgers, Faaso’s catering to the Indian palate. The restaurant chain serves authentic Indian food with rich, traditional flavors. Faaso’s primarily serves wraps, and also offers biryani, and salads.

In addition to serving patrons in store, Faaso’s offers fast and easy delivery services. Each location sends out hundreds of deliveries each day, and the service represents a major aspect of sales. Always pushing forward, Faaso’s integrates technology into restaurant services by allowing customers to order food online or via mobile phone. Focused on progress, Faaso’s plans for aggressive growth over the next few years. The restaurant chain sets the goal to someday own and operate more than 500 stores across India and eventually reach international recognition.

Available Faaso’s Jobs and Salary Information
Faaso’s needs talented workers to fill part-time jobs and full-time careers. The restaurant chain offers career opportunities for entry-level workers and professional applicants alike. Areas of employment at Faaso’s include customer service, kitchen staff, and management. Anyone applying for a Faaso’s job should meet the minimum working age of 16 years old. Restaurant jobs commonly hiring at Faaso’s include:

Customer Representative –Customer representatives with Faaso’s interact with patrons and provide quality service. Major responsibilities include answering customer questions, taking orders, operating cash registers, packaging orders, and handling cash. Additionally, customer representatives maintain a pristine restaurant environment. Cleaning duties include wiping down surfaces, clearing tables, taking out trash, and refilling supplies. Faaso’s looks for friendly, customer-focused workers to fill customer representative jobs. On average, customer representatives start our earning between Rs 18.00 to Rs 90.00 per hour at Faaso’s. Pay rates may increase with experience.

Kitchen Staff Member –Kitchen staff members ensure that the kitchen produces quality food in a timely manner. Faaso’s sets high standards for sanitation, and Kitchen team members must adhere to stringent health and safety guidelines. Kitchen staff members need to work quickly and efficiently while meeting rigorous quality standards. As a chain focused on health and safety, Faaso’s requires kitchen staff members to follow all company guidelines. Kitchen staff members may make between Rs 25.00 and Rs 100.00 an hour.

Manager –Managers oversee day-to-day operations at Faaso’s restaurants. Focused on running restaurants efficiently, managers hire and train talented staff members, analyze sales, and push promotions. Additionally, managers with Faaso’s must ensure workers follow all food prep and customer service processes. When necessary, managers need to provide customer service or work in the kitchen. Faaso’s managers may also move up into area manager roles, in which they handle five or more stores. A manager salary may range from Rs 225,000 to Rs 700,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Faaso’s
Faaso’s offers generous job benefits accessible to all team members. First and foremost, Faaso’s offers an excellent environment where employees enjoy working. Managers and team members provide positive coaching and support from initial training to well into a Faaso’s career. Whens starting out, new associates receive paid training. Established and productive team members may utilize career development programs which assist in transitioning into managerial roles. Catering to employee needs, Faaso’s offers excellent work schedule flexibility. Food lovers enjoy the fantastic discounts inside and outside of work.

Friends Jaydeep Barman, Siddharth Joshi, and Biswanath Chakraborty dreamt up the Faaso’s concept 2003. The trio conceived the idea during a night of drinking and claimed they couldn’t remember the meaning of the Faaso’s name the next day. Regardless of the original meaning, Faaso’s opened the first location in 2004 and set out to make the name synonymous with excellent quality and service. By 2006, Faaso’s became profitable and began growing the company. Operating in low-rental locations, Faaso’s proves lucrative to ventures capitalist. Today, Faaso’s maintains over 50 locations across Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The chain remains strong and continues on a path of expansion and development.

The Faaso’s menu varies by city, but overall the restaurant specializes in Indian-style wraps. Offering 30 different styles of wraps, Faaso’s serves everything from classic chicken and kabab wraps to fusion and specialty wraps. The restaurant makes food without artificial flavors or colors and nothing ever gets frozen. Giving patrons control, Faaso’s a variety of meats, veggies, cheeses, condiments for guests to choose from. Patrons may also choose level of spiciness. The Faaso’s menu also includes chicken and vegie biryani, salads, and rice and curry plates. Faaso’s also serves fantastic desserts like meetha fantasy and chocolate fantasy. Faaso’s believe in offering fresh, authentic Indian food.

Faaso’s operates as privately held company. In 2011, Sequoia Capital gave a $5 million investment to Faaso’s. Familiar to the food service space, Sequoia also invested in Cafe Coffee Day and grew the brand into a 1,200-location chain. Headquarters for Faaso’s reside in Pune.

Minimum age to work at Faaso’s: 16

Official Site: www.faasos.com/jointheteam.aspx