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Online Chili’s Job Application Process

An international restaurant chain, Chili’s boasts flavors indigenous to central Texas and surrounding areas. The global company enjoys widespread popularity and manages more than 1,200 restaurants throughout the United States, with roughly 300 outlets in countries around the world. Job seekers and hungry customers alike generally find outlets nearby, which makes dining and locating employment easy and accessible.

Easy-to-locate outlets and delicious menus stimulate the need for new workers as storefronts open in markets like India on a regular basis. The chain mostly operates in urban or suburban areas with dense populations, such as major cities or surrounding communities. Easy access to interstates and highways also influences the placement of outlets. In the 1980s, Chili’s began a major campaign advertising the introduction of ribs to existing menus with a highly popular jingle. The ad resonated with customers and still receives airplay, even in international markets. Ribs remain the most notable items available on restaurant menus, followed by fajitas and other southwest-inspired entrees and appetizers.

Chili’s needs to hire new and dedicated staffs in order to maintain operations at existing outlets and train for grand openings at new stores. Indian markets show promise for the chain, which intends to add more restaurants in the South Asian country in coming years. Most of the work available include part-time, entry-level customer service jobs, such as server, hosting, and cook positions. Applicants with backgrounds in leadership and senior secondary school or equivalent educations may find lucrative work in management, as well. Job hopefuls must stand at least 18 to gain employment consideration. Other qualifications vary by position.

Chili’s Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Chili’s outlets feature varied work environments. Employees in back-of-house operations, such as dishwashers, cooks, and bussers, often encounter constantly changing temperatures and fast-paced responsibilities requiring attention to detail at all times. Front-of-house applicants need to possess excellent communication skills and work quickly and efficiently in order to live up to expectations and satisfy customers. Strong memorization skills benefit both front-of-house and back-of-house workers, as each employee must accurately recall available menus to avoid making mistakes preparing food or explaining food specials and daily offerings to patrons. The international restaurant chain consistently hires for the following front-of-house and back-of-house jobs:

Line Cook – A popular position in the U.S., line cook also serves as a highly lucrative job opportunity in India. Applicants with interest in the culinary arts and able to work in sometimes demanding and particularly hot settings often thrive as line cooks. Employees in the traditionally part-time role often make between ₹600 an hour and up to ₹733 without any specialized training. Primary duties include preparing meals, prepping supplies and work stations, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and tracking inventories. Some line cooks may work full-time; however, most opportunities for full-time work result from promotion into supervisory roles.

Server – Chili’s server jobs remain in wide abundance throughout India. The pivotal role offers competitive pay scales falling around ₹80,000 a month. During shifts, servers greet customers, take food and drink orders, relay orders to cooks, bring food and drinks to tables, and explain specials and menu items. The ability to perform work accurately and timely remains imperative for employment consideration. Applicants must also remain cheerful, personable, and willing to go beyond expectations in order to excel in the job title.

Hosting – Individuals assigned to hosting positions often make salary options similar to cooks, which hover between ₹600 and ₹700 per hour at start. The entry-level job requires no formal training and caters to aspiring restaurant workers looking to begin careers in the industry. Applicants must demonstrate excellent hygiene and grooming habits, the ability to work varied schedules, and self-motivated attitudes. The front-of-house labourers also create seating charts and assign servers to tables, which requires sound organizational skills.

Chili’s Job Benefits
Employees working for the global chain of restaurant outlets enjoy access to exceptional job benefits packages provided by parent company Brinker International. In addition to generous base pay and salary options, meal discounts, and complimentary uniforms, the Southwest-inspired restaurant offers flexible scheduling, bonus incentives, and paid time off. Eligible associates also receive pension schemes, healthcare coverage, and employee assistance programmes.

Founded in Texas in the mid-1970s, Chili’s operates as an extremely popular chain of casual-dining restaurants. Within a decade of opening, the company managed nearly 30 locations, with plans in place to take business overseas. The first location outside the U.S. opened for business in Canada in 1991. Subsequent international locations included storefronts in Mexico, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East. Restaurant operations expanded into India in the late 2000s. As of December 2015, the Indian offshoot maintains over 15 outlets throughout the country and plans to open new locations in the near future.

Chili’s menus primarily feature Tex-Mex creations highlighting the local cuisines found in the greater Dallas, Houston, and Ft. Worth areas where the chain began. Diners most notably enjoy baby-back ribs, which serve as the signature item available through the restaurant chain. Outlets also offer fajitas, sliders, Buffalo wings, burgers, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. The chain maintains catering services, which provide larger, party-sized platters of traditional menu favourites as well as kid’s menus and dessert options. Many outlets even feature in-house bars selling both affordable and top-shelf liquors, wines, and beers.

Financially, Chili’s operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brinker International. The publicly traded parent company lists on the NYSE as EAT and manages 10 commercial properties in total worldwide. Sister brands include Maggiano’s Little Italy, Taco Cabana, and EatZi’s. Collectively, Brinker properties generate close to $2.8 billion annually.